5 Essential Hacks for Boosting EBay Sales in 2021

There aren’t many online marketplaces within the world that could claim to approach nearly 175 million active consumers internationally – however, that’s how many buyers eBay noticed in only the first quarter of 2020.
Achieving even a fragment of this wide variety could be taken into consideration as a large achievement. Establishing a store is quite simple, however, in case you need to sell more on eBay you’ll require to focus on the information. To boost eBay sales, understanding what pushes a few stores to the top is fundamental. Plenty of it has to do with the way eBay’s search engine works.
EBay’s search engine helps clients discover the items that are maximum applicable to their search. Similar to Google’s search set of rules, the perfect method is kept secret to save manipulation. But, there are some tested techniques that might be regarded to impact rankings and power conversion.
Observe these tips to push your shop to the top of the search outcomes and boost your eBay sales today!


Commonly customers search for unique items on eBay . Think about what words people search for the most when they are looking for what you’re selling. Furthermore, make sure you research to look at a few common searches related to your items.

If you have three to five keywords, it’s crucial to utilize them in page titles, image alt tags, custom categories, Meta tags, and also in your store description. However, ignore the keyword spamming; it disobeys eBay’s policy.


If you’re a seller that gives good client service and quick shipping on a regular basis, you could be capable of becoming a top-rated seller of eBay.

In case you don’t meet the criteria then this is obviously something to aim for as it actually helps to boost your eBay sales. Top-rated sellers of eBay are entitled to various great advantages including greater visibility for your listings, while you use eBay labels discounts on shipping and 30$ credit towards your promoted listings every quarter.


Stores that can be active and provide new items on a current basis are rewarded. The set of rules favors sellers that are listing new items frequently, so retaining your listings fresh will assist you to grow your sales on eBay . Moreover, new objects display up at the top of the “time: newly listed” option on eBay’s search.

If you can’t list daily, use the scheduling feature and schedule products for those days you recognize you won’t have time.
There’s a workaround if you can’t upload new items to the listing regularly. End some modern listings that you’ve ready beforehand of time and launch them in a while. You could tweak them barely in order that they are no longer precisely similar to the previous one – virtually change a word in the title, or edit the description slightly.

The concern is to have as new content material as you can, as frequently as you can.


There’s more to creating a positive rating instead of obtaining loads of five-star reviews. You have also removed the negative one. Just like the previous factors, fast and powerful customer service goes an extended way to help. There will be events, but whilst you’ll be left a poor overview – it’s simply part of online retail. Maybe the wrong order was sent, perhaps the item broke in the post, or the client ought to even have left the review on the wrong product by chance!

The rate you are charged relies upon the item class in which your item was listed. It’s additionally imperative to take note of that dealer utilizing eBay managed payments will now need to incorporate sales tax in the final order cost while figuring their last worth expense.
In case you’ve been left a terrible review – don’t panic! You may eliminate poor remarks on eBay in some instances, or fix the state of affairs to inspire the purchaser to take it down themselves. If you may lessen your bad remarks, you’ll be surprised how a great deal it increases eBay sales


A strict return policy is quite a huge turnoff when you’re thinking about creating a buy. In case you purchase a sweater and you aren’t certain about the size, the chance you are taking in order to buy is huge. If it isn’t in shape, you might turn out to be dropping your cash.
EBay offers a money gain assurance for those objects that don’t come, are faulty or damaged, or don’t match the list. But outside of these circumstances, you as the seller can pick whether to provide returns or not.

While dealing with returns can be painful as a seller, it is also an essential evil: eBay will raise listings that provide a money-back strategy of 30 days or more. And it fined those that give the money back strategy of fewer than 30 days or also those that don’t make a return policy at all.

Being kind makes business sense, boosting the money-back strategy to something like 60 days is not likely to influence the number of returns, however, it’ll increase your sales.

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