How To Set Up your eBay Store?

What are the advantages of an eBay shop and is it worth it for you?

We’ve requested this question often as we teach others and assist them to develop their eBay side hustle.

There are numerous things to don’t forget when finding out whether to get an eBay store or not, and the answer can vary significantly from one eBay vendor to another. You can have researched an eBay store, calculated the cost and advantages, and determined it changed into well worth it for you.

Or perhaps you’ve researched it and observed the extra money in keeping with the month wasn’t really worth it at all for you. Now, without a store you can yet alter your dealing with time to longer at the same time as you’re away, however, vacation mode is a nice function whether you are going to be gone every week or longer. The vacation mode feature took place to be our deciding element for the shop, but through the years we’ve discovered a few other really fine advantages to having the store and I can talk approximately 3 of those eBay store benefits with you these days

Do those advantages mean you require an eBay store?

Of course not! You could promote on eBay simply high-quality without one. However, depending on your business version and thinking about the cost of an eBay store vs. the benefits, it is able to be the accurate decision for you.

Advantages of an EBay Store:

  1. Maximize traffic from Google
  2. Manage store markdowns
  3. Cost of store subscription

Maximize Traffic From Google

Because along with being flippers we are also bloggers, we had been studying quite a bit approximately Google SEO and how it may bring visitors to our blog.
eBay is a multi-million dollar organization and as true with me, they’re looking to Google to usher in new purchasers.
Top-notch news for the ones who’ve got a shop. Google trolls your save listings and picks them up in Google. This leads to more traffic and as a result more sales.
eBay store subscribers additionally have the right of entry to lose SEO optimization tools to assist optimize their listings to be Google-pleasant. Google is manifestly a massive player at the interwebs and is virtually something to recall when you are considering an eBay store. It can be worth the monthly shop subscription fee if Google is finding your listings.

Manage Store MarkDowns

I love having the ability to position my entire keep on sale. While I get too much stock and that I want to liquidate, I will place my store at 10% or 20% off sale for two days.
I’m able to do that with my whole store or I’m able to do that with just a few items that I’ve had for too lengthy. This feature is simplest for primary stores and above and it’s been a very beneficial tool for us! It will display up with a pleasant pink 10% off sale tag on my listings. Frequently, if I have watchers, the sale might encourage them to purchase and maximize my sales.
Even though I can’t prove it, I do think eBay likes this and will supply me with eBay’s algorithms. With that stated, I find my gadgets have become seen more and might potentially convey in more sales even after the store sale is over.
If you have a big amount of stock as I do, and you want to have income with the objects you’ve had for some distance too long, remember a store. The shop markdown feature can certainly bring in income for your shop.

Cost Of Store Subcription

I’ll accept it, I wasn’t a massive fan of having an eBay store for the mere fact I did now not want to pay eBay store prices. In the end, I pay eBay each time I make a sale and I didn’t get enthusiastic about paying them more.
Whilst we first considered the value of a shop, it genuinely didn’t make lots of sense to us to get it just for the vacation mode. I recognize, we like holidays but for $27.95 is it consistent with the month? There had to be greater of an advantage for us to make it well worth it. That’s while we absolutely needed to take a seat down and count the fee and ask ourselves, “Is really an eBay store worth it?” We were determined to provide it a try for some months, do the math, and truly ask ourselves if the advantages outweighed the eBay store fees.

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